Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Photo Recap.

This week starts my 8th month in Korea! And while i'm on the border of burn out and ridiculous count downs, i've decided it would be best to look back at the time i've spent here!

For a few reasons:
1. To see how much awesome has gone down in 8 months.
2. To force into my heart a little gusto in remembering the awesome times i've had.
3. And to create a beautiful reminder of what these 8 months have held and how short 4 months really is! :)

What do i propose? A photo recap. Shall we?
To think my apartment started with a bed, a fork and a plate. It actually feels like home now. Sofa. Chairs. Coffee Maker. Lamp. And three-wait four- plants which are still alive.

My first weekend in Korea i rode the subway into Seoul. It was frigid... but it was awesome! I remember being petrified to go eat anywhere because i spoke NO Korean!

Thank you Jesus for Skype... and Nunkins soon you will see I have legs. And they're not chrome.

What a weekend! Solar New Year spent in the freezing cold doing strange things at horrible hours of the morning. But, we ate delicious tteokguk (rice cake soup). One of my favorites now.

First and probably only Korean road trip to the East Sea. No car here. It took us 14 hours to get home- in parking lot traffic. A lot of first that weekend.

Doosan Bears. Chicken and Beer. Friends. What more could you ask for? Awesome.

I tried so hard to see the Cherry Blossoms. Many outings to different locations, at different times... failure is all i have to report.

My Sweet Tae was born! Got the phone call as i was making my way around the Korean MOCA. They must have thought i was move by the art. The tears were for this sweet thing... not the sculpture garden. Can't wait to hold that beautiful thing!

Such a cool night! Awesome lanterns. Good eats. Good friends. Like so many nights in Seoul.

A weekend we like to label "less than ideal". But we loved it! Hanjin- you will go down in the record books or awful hostels.

Bring on the World Cup Madness of Korea! I watched many a game, and all of them were awesome. This night in particular- started at like 11:30 and when the sun rose over Seoul we were headed back. Few hours of sleep... then off to work. Awesome.

Celebrated my 23rd Birthday and my awesome family sent me the most perfect box of love! Complete with a video of my family and a perfect pan of stale brownies. Just how i like em!

Spent our summer vacation in Busan doing nothing but laying on the beach, eating good food, and relaxing. It was wonderful and OH! so needed!
Now i find myself getting ready for my trip to Nepal and loving my time getting to know and serving alongside MountainChild. What an awesome organization and the people who are involved are equally as awesome.

There we have it! My 8 month photo recap! Korea's been good to me... and well, my heart is torn. While im SO looking forward to being home, (holding my nieces, clothes fresh from a dryer, whole wheat bread, driving, hugging my family, TARGET, not being stared at, my families cooking) i have enjoyed and am still enjoying my time here!

So, here we go! I raise my virtual glass to "finishing strong"!


  1. Sarah,
    Keep that wonderful spirit of adventure and your beautiful heart for Christ...have a great time remaining, hug your friends...see you for Turkey & Dressing! LU,Gp