Monday, August 30, 2010

From the Top Down.

When I think about love, I think about it from the top down.

How can love spread without having first been consumed and delighted in? A thirsty soul’s first sip of a cool water. A deep drink from a deep, deep well, and a passed cup onto the next thirsty one. And where else can this true love be found other than the Source and Creator of such affections himself? How can I love another, in fullness of heart, if I have yet to first receive it from the Truest of Lovers? It is from this love, HIS love, his gracious and abundant and ever persistent love, and the extravagant streams in which it flows, that I am able to love. It brings life!! New, abundant, and full life! Daily. Momentarily. A life in which I am now free to love! Replenished and regenerated.

It is in this deep love, we find Love himself walking the dirt roads of a broken and weary land. A land needing a Savior. One created and sustained in splendor, to reflect just a speck of his glory. A radiant, powerful speck. A land watered in the beauty which flows from a powerful Creator in the details and grandeur of magnitude, intricacy and spectacle. A land though awesome and beautiful, horribly broken and in need of a Savior.

This same Creator, who fashioned the world, we find sitting well-side. Hot and weary. Offering a new kind of water-- to a woman. The true living water. From a well that will never run dry. From which people will ever come up full and satisfied! Love gets personal. And many believe!

But, he came to bring more than a sip of water! It would take more than that to fully reveal his love. It would take more to save those he so deeply loved. It would take a flow, a merciful flow of a broken heart. The last undoing of the most perfect love as love stretched over a cross.

And it is because of this, his love for us, that we are able to love! From the bottom up. We drink deep. And are filled full! We are washed clean and given new life! In that we walk the streets of this world and get personal. To sit well-side and offer sips of the true living water we sip of! He magnifies our Love! Like drops of rain falling in a pool of water. The ripples multiply. Collide. Intersect. And spread wide. To further reach people and to further esteem the great Creator of it all! He is a jealous God. For the love of his creation and for the honor of his name! People will know him by how we love and well creation speaks for itself.

So, in that, we drink deep! We stand up, having been loved fully, and walk! We walk and as we do we love people along the way! In the fullness of its creation, because he first loved us!


  1. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lovely post. Your crazy with those drawings of yours. You should seriously think about selling them. Seriously!