Thursday, August 26, 2010

Two Thumbs Up!

Hey there friends and family! Well... it's 12:52 August 27th and im pushing Friday! PRAISE BE! I think it's about time for a little blog lovin'. I hesitate to post this picture as a reflection of my week... because well, to be completely honest, this has been an awful week. Yea. You know, there are good ones, awesome ones, and sometimes an awful one drops in and well, you take it in stride. You keep on truckin' praying the whole time that the beloved weekend comes quicker than your next headache. And that you'll hold your cool when one more student asks you to copy the book because they didn't bring their book to class.

So. Why do i post this picture? Well... it is reflective of my deep. My ever deep longing for legit Mexican food, and my pure delight upon discovery. But, also the deep down of my soul. Past the surface junk, and ruthlessness of my students at times, life is good! And well, life is good because God is good, and his goodness is present all around me! It never changes and well in the words of my man David Crowder, if his grace is an ocean i would be sinking. So. Two thumbs up to that!

And well gosh dang it, if next week follows suit... im gonna quit.

Just kidding.

But really, this picture is from an awesome restaurant i went to last weekend with my new friend Sheila! Per her request for Mexican food (not that i objected one bit) we stumbled up into Casa Maya! A not so little restaurant in the heart of Hongdae just above the Nepalese restaurant i like so much, Yeti. Right across from the park which is home to one of my favorite Seoul attractions: Sound Box. The lovely beatbox/jazz/ tap dancing gig that plays every weekend. The same one who covers Jason Mraz right when my heart needs it most. Anyway, back to Casa Maya... we were mightily surprised! They even offered me an extensive vegetarian menu! Impressive i tell you. Well, after a feast of seafood fijitas, homemade tortillas and legit chips and salsa... we left happy! Full (not fat) and happy! ; )

Again, well done Hongdae! You have successfully filled my little heart full again!

And well after dinner, we also found this awesome place called Vinyl. A small, sidewalk, Robot faced, walk-up "bar" with grown-up juice bags. I enjoyed myself a nice Gin-Lime... in a plastic bag with a straw. And well, for 4, 000w (4$) it was a delicious cool bev on a hot summer night! Walking around Hongdae, listening to live music, with my juice bag and a sista! Awesome.

There you have it. And as i speak it is now Friday morning! PRAISE BE!!!

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  1. Yeah for the bright spots the Lord gives us, right where & when we need it!!