Sunday, November 8, 2009

That's what I'm Talking About!

People have been asking me : "How are you doing as you get ready to leave for Korea?" and "What are you doing to prepare yourself?". Well... i am doing good, but i wish i knew a little more Korean at this point in the game. Actually... any Korean for that matter.
Well this morning i went for a run. It had been a while... and like i love to do, i started to pray. About leaving for Korea and all the things i need to do to get ready. Well one of those things was to speak Korean. Fluently. Just kidding. And while i can say i was not overcome with the gift of tongues... i did find this AWESOME website that will work just fine!

I think Korea and i are going to get along just nice. They are quite organized and it shows in their websites! You know, I'm pretty critical of websites. I feel like i should be able to find specific pieces of information together in one, well organize, aesthetically pleasing website.

Not only all the information i could want about Korea... but a language section with mp3s of the phrases i need to know! That's what i'm talking about Korea! (Not in Korean yet... but we're working on that!)

Well done, Korea! Well done!

Sunday, November 1, 2009