Friday, August 13, 2010


Hello there!

I was kindly reminded by my lovely Madre this morning that it has been a while since my last post! I have been waiting to cross over the 13th, and in doing so, realize i haven't written in almost 2 weeks. My apologies!

I can, now, officially, say i've been in Korea for more than 7 months! Friday, August 13th marked my 7th month and like i write, and sincerely mean, in each Greeting, i really can't believe it! My days fly by here, and well before i know it, it's friday. Another week down! I am constantly reminded that my time here is short! My sista Kel's last day was Friday and my other sistas D and Kati will be following suit next Friday! It's crazy! When i arrived in Korea they were pushing their 5/6 month mark. Well, friends, I'm well over that!

This morning I woke up to a cloudy morning which quickly turned into a crazy thunderstorm. But, fear not, it dried up as quick at it came on, and the sun is pushing to get out as i type! We've entered Typhoon season and i have one thing to say about that: BOO FACE! I HATE RAIN. Folks who know me well know that full well! Yea, that's all i have to say about that one. I am counting down the days until fall, which some folks say will make an appearance in mid-September! PRAISE BE! Folks who know me well, will also know that it is around then my itching to live in a brick fashioned town where leaves fall, jazz plays and it smells continuously of spice sneaks up. It is then i force myself upon mother nature and rock my scarves and flats regardless of temperature. Oh, how i love fall! I delightfully learned that even Koreans like Starbucks Gingerbread Lattes. CAN I GET A "PRAISE BE"?

Don't mind if i do!

But i digress.

This last month was quite eventful! I celebrated my 23rd birthday. I went to Pentaport Rock Festival with MountainChild, which was awesome! My sista Amy left Korea and we welcomed new sista Sheila to the team! We also enjoyed a nice vacation from school for a few days! Four of us, Kel, James, Becks and myself, made our way to Busan, and it was fantastic!! Read below for the full update! We enjoyed 4 days in the sun, eating good food, and doing a whole lot of nothing! What we did do was relax, and it was much needed!

Birthday Dinner at Yeti. An awesome Nepali restaurant in Hongdae.

I not really sure where July went, but August snuck up on me, and it's started off pretty well! My brother face celebrated his 17th birthday, my sista Kel celebrated her 21st, my bestest friend celebrated her 24th, and well i thank Jesus again for Skype! What would i do without it!

August is moving along just nicely, and some pretty cool things are happening! I just returned today from a small recording job. I sound cool, right? Recording gig? Never thought i'd have a future in that, but at the price i was paid today, it might be worth considering. 150,000 won (150 bucks) for two and a half hours of reading English vocabulary words. Umm... twist my arm. Let me pray about it. I'll get back to you. UH... COUNT ME IN! Two cool things came from that gig. Two pretty awesome Korean guys who are looking to make it rich in the English business who have money to pay me. First project, an iPhone English Flashcard App. They pay me for my voice. Next project, an audio Bible. Do they love Jesus? Negatory. Do they read the Bible? Negatory. Will it make them money in China? Most certainly. To do so, they need someone to read the Bible in English. Why, count me in Sir! "Sure, i'll read the Bible to you for a few hours." It never returns void. Wa wa wa.

Let's see, funny stories from this week.
I was teaching one of my Elementary classes this week about "towards and away from". I actioned by walking towards the door, " Students, i am walking ______ the door." Unanimously, "towards!" Yes students, I am walking towards the door. In kind, to teach the opposite, I proceeded to walk backwards, "Students, I am walking ______ from the door." Silence... and then one sweet, sweet voice. "Moonwalking!" Yes students, i am moonwalking! Shall we take a moment of silence? Oh, how I love my job!

I also learned from my tutoring student JiYun that Korea is home to a liger. Yup, that's right Napoleon, only in Korea, for your viewing pleasures! I think i'll have to add that to my "To-Do List". Um, Liger? Really? It's home is Everland, so when I visit to ride the Asia's largest wooden roller coaster (the World's steepest), I'll have to check out the zoo.

Well, that is my update friends! This month promise some good times! Rumor has it i might have an opportunity to attend Ignite 1040, a missions conference in Seoul, with MountainChild. Which would be fantastic! Have i told you i really like them? I do. Also, team meetings start up next weekend for my trip, which i think will hasten the weeks until i leave for Nepal! Continue to pray for me if you will, and for the folks who i will be meeting in Nepal! God is moving... and i want to just step into it!

Love you all! (Except the randos who follow my blog! But thanks for reading!) I promise to keep things more recent!

-Sarah, Potts, Pottsie, Capa, Pat


  1. My Sweet Sar,
    Indeed, God's Word will not return void!!! Thanks for the pic, I miss you so.
    Much Love,

  2. Sarah,
    I LOVE reading your blogs. You make me laugh at your crazy adventures! No matter what your zip code will be, your life will be full, because you love life, embrace change with anticipation, and God will use a willing heart in big and amazing ways!
    I love you with all my heart and am so proud of you!
    Auntie Shell