Sunday, August 29, 2010

MountainChild at Ignite: 1040

We got to give away a free guitar! And in doing so raised 300,000W.

I am amazed at God's timing!

Sometimes i have to literally LOL ("laugh out loud" for those in the dark ages) because, it just gets me sometimes! It's joy... in a real tangible way! God shows up unexpectedly, you chuckle a bit at his to-do, and you keep on going! Reminded that he is present in the moments and well... he's got it, the universal IT, all under control!

I visited Ignite: 1040 with MountainChild this weekend! Ignite: 1040, hosted by Youngnak Church, purposed to partner with other Korean and international churches, through the art of music, to strike a cord of passion for those living in the 1040 window. The conference brought together people and organizations with a passion to take the Good News to those living in the most unreached part of the world. Most of who live within the 10-40 degree longitudinal lines.

MountainChild joined the festivities! Unlike the Pentaport Festival, we were able to marry our hearts for Jesus and our desires to serve with MountainChild more intentionally when talking to folks. Which was sweet! When all is said and done, I serve with MountainChild because if Jesus were here, he'd be on board too! Rockin' an awesome yellow shirt, arm band, backpack, and all!

Anyway, the conference was a huge blessing! The Lord spoke sweetly to me in a few moments! And while i've never heard the audible voice of God, there are specific moments he meets me in tangible ways and woos my heart to his! A lot of time through music. Man, the guy i marry better be up on his game... because this Jesus guy knows how to get to my heart! The art of surprise and intentionality. (take notes guys.)

For weeks i've been loving a new song from David Crowder, "How He Loves Us". It's a good one friends! Well, yesterday, the band, in perfect timing played this awesome song! As if Jesus looked down and said, "Why hello there lovely! I've been waiting for you! I gots somethin' special for you!! And yes, i DO love you! SO very much!". Sold. He was near yesterday... and in such perfect timing!

The conference was great! Good things are going down in Asia for the Kingdom... and it is moving west into the the rest of the 1040 window! Check out 1040 the Movie for more info!

The more time i spend with MountainChild the more i'm sold out for it!! The people. The passion. The purposes behind it all! I leave for Nepal in... let me check the iCalendar... 20 days! I will then see Nepal with my own eyes and I am excited!!! SO EXCITED! MountainChild is looking at the darkness in Nepal square in the eyes and doing something about it! Holistically! By addressing the practical needs of clean water, health, and environment, the people can then be released from the oppression of an early death rate (1/2 by the age of 8). Improved farming tactics and environmental conditions will release children from the fields. These kids can then return to school. Proper education will help to stop the cycle of ignorance and continued education will open doors for job training and financial stability. This will all help to put and end to the sex trafficking which funnels through Nepal into the rest of Asia. At the center of it is the Gospel! MountainChild is doing practical things in all of this... and THAT is something I can stand behind! As Pastor Jack said today at church, "Intercession on its feet!"

This morning Pastor Jack spoke about some of the progress of MountainChild and the open doors in the Himalayas for increased impact... and it too got me fired up! God is doing big things! Some of the details of that are too soon to write about... but i'm holding on! God is moving, and we know that that means!! Awesomeness is on its way! And well, it's amazing to be apart of something God is doing in the world!

My love for MountainChild is fresh... and well i think time will only continue to deepen that! So, more to come! But, as you finish reading, know that God is good and that He loves us!!! OH, how he loves us! And he loves the children in the Himalayas! He's chosen MountainChild to be a some of the hands that do some of that tangible lovin'! And, i'm blessed i get to be apart of that!

Taken by: Soyon Chun Thompson

Taken by: Soyon Chun Thompson

Taken by: Soyon Chun Thompson

* If you are in Korea and have any photography needs... contact Soyon Chun Thompson. Soyon and her husband John are moving to Nepal to serve full time with MountainChild. They in the process of fundraising for their stay! Visit MountainChild for more information!

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