Tuesday, July 27, 2010

MountainChild Visits Pentaport Rock Festival 2010

Saturday, a group of MountainChild fans, myself included, traveled to Pentaport Rock Festival 2010 in Incheon. A short-ish trek took us to the middle of a huge field- obviously staged for a massive event. For one of the first times in Korea, this festival hoped to marry the love of rock music and a heart for social justice. This invitation for MountainChild to join the festivities was a big deal, and a rather foreign concept to most Korean concert-goers. We staged our booth, and set out to talk to folks about MountainChild with high hopes to spark an interest in things greater than rock music. (If one can actually aspire to such in the fanatics at a rock festival.)

I'm stoked to report, against several factors, that it was a huge success!

Small Stage.
Main Stage.

The two stages at the festival were separated by a rather long walk. The staggered band schedule provided plenty of transitions between shows and we found ourselves located perfectly. Right in the middle of the mass exodus. Over the weekend, the team talked to over 250 people who were interested in MountainChild (or the free ipod). But regardless, we made connections with over 250 people, most of who bought arm bands to fund clean water projects, some of which took more specific information on getting involved with MountainChild, all of from whom we got follow up information. It was awesome!

Humid. But SO awesome! I do believe the hours of 2-4pm were possibly the most humid and hottest hours I've experienced in Korea yet. But, we made it though and soon thanked the good Lord for a setting sun.

All said and done, Pentaport was fantastic! But, more than that, i am thankful for the sweet taste i got of MountainChild! I have yet to visit Nepal, and still have so much to learn, but i am falling in love with that place and the folks who are working full time to bring life to the people there! May Jesus come to that place now as a picture of the hope of what it will one day be. Beautiful. Saved. Redeemed.

New friends. Zeke. JiYun, YoungMin(back), and Peter

Can i get a whoot for MountainChild? That's what i thought!

Visit for yourself.

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