Thursday, July 15, 2010

To the Roof

I am preparing for my trip to Nepal. As i do, i hope you'll follow! In the next few months, i'll be posting some information, pictures and fun Nepalese things... so ya'll come back now, and enjoy!

My trip to Nepal will be only a week but i don't doubt it will be life changing. I have much to learn and these people have much to teach me! I'm hopeful they will be touched by the love of Jesus and i trust that his Gospel can bring life to these people. Physically and spiritually! What a mission to be apart of!

First, a bit of information for you! Some essential Nepalese phrases. Enjoy!

A greeting and farewell paired with hands palm to palm in front of you. Used only once a day. Just like my "anyanghasaeyo"teamed up with a bow, in Korea.

[tik chha]
A less formal greeting, "how are you?" "how is your day". Also serves as a response- a general "so-so"as my students tend to say to avoid a more complicated answer.

[diddi, dai, bai, bahini]
Family is important in Nepal. People are addressed in affectionate familial names. Just like in Korea. In Korean "oppa" means older brother. Most girlfriends refer to their boyfriends as that. "Onie" is older sister. I refer to the sweet ladies who i see often in restaurants or who are helping me as "onie". In Nepal "diddi" is older brother. "Dai" is older sister. "Bai" is younger brother, and "bahini" is younger sister.

my essentials.
"Spicy?" In a land know for it's curry and spicy dishes, this will be critical. I am sure their dishes of minimum heat may max out my taste buds. So if they describe it as spicy, even for the natives, i shall steer clear! My body will thank me.

One of the first few words i learned in Korean were "delicious" and "beautiful". When i was eating or looking at something awesome, i wanted to be able to compliment the cook or the artist! Even if i couldn't have a conversation, i wanted to tell them what i thought! "Ramro" works just the same. It's just a nice, general word for everything delicious, fantastic, beautiful and good! I like words like that! Ekdahm ramro! (very good!)

There you have it!

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  1. Great post! Very excited to learn more! Did you ever meet Heather's & my old neighbor, Bryson Lefmann? He took the incredible pics at Heather's wedding so I'm sure you remember him. Anyway, he traveled to Nepal and took some incredible pictures that are here You should friend him on Facebook and ask him about his adventures! He's super friendly to talk to. Heather and I had him over after his trip to learn about what he did- way cool!