Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Daily Still #1- My Track

Things have started to feel like normal here in Korea. Life is getting into a groove and well, slowing down if you will. Which is both really nice, and a little mundane at times. While there is plenty excitement in my week, the groove of daily life is settling in. Not a bad thing, just a season. But, I did realize that I haven't taken many pictures recently nor do i have much material to write about. For two reasons, i think.

  1. My camera is mid-croak. It milks all batteries in a matter of minutes and well is just rather frustrating. (forgive the lack of digital love my friends)
  2. Things are more normal and i guess less exciting to document? Maybe?

But, i was walking to the track this morning to go for a run and realized what it is that makes my walk to the park so exciting. It is not the jog that awaits me, but the fact that for a year i get to go for a morning jog... in Korea! That doesn't happen for a lot of folks! For those who follow my blog with hopes to get a glimpse of my life here... well... the little things are interesting! Where i jog, where i live and what i do between the work and daily life is interesting. And well, it is for me too! Life is good and i enjoy it! So i've decided, until i find something more intriguing to write about, i shall document the little things in my life.

For starters, the track i've recently converted to. It is here many a lap is run and plenty of sweat is poured. Simple, but this is my life!

Daily Still #1- My Track.

A nice sports park at the base of a little mountain. A little more out of the city than the other track i used to run at. A lot of people are the track in the morning, playing soccer, running, etc. I like it because the mountain is beautiful to look at while i run... and well... if i'm going to run in a circles, it's nice to have something nice to look at! Can i get an amen?
( Plus, the soccer players aren't too bad on the eyes either. )

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  1. There's a lot of green there! Those apts in the background look similar to ones here in Rio. Interesting!