Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I like Rooftops.

I am not used to living in the city. Though I appreciate the hustle and bustle of a city, my little soul just needs some open space! I spend a lot of time looking for ways to "get out" of the noise (and i mean literal noise) that i find myself in, even in the grocery store. Wait a minute...ESPECIALLY in the grocery store! Don't get me started on that.
Parks have become my good friends. And even though Korea has yet to discover the value of picnic tables and benches with backs, for the most part i can get some quiet! Especially in the afternoon, when most folks have caved up in their apartments. I think it's safe to say there's an unhealthy fear of sunshine in this place! Just as i'm going out to get some sun, the people are packing up for the day- perfect!

I also like rooftops. Necessary to get above the craziness that is life in Korea sometimes. They are pretty hard to find, but OH! so coveted! The roof at my work has become my little oasis. It is nothing special- just a dirty wall i can sit on and eat my dinner, but it does the trick. There just something kind of urban-chicin' awesome about sitting on a roof. And a smiting joy of escape that comes over me as i sip my Coke Zero (no Diet Coke in Korea) and look down at the madness below. I'm always on the hunt for the an awesome rooftop treasure! I'm just a fan!

Anyway, on to the real purpose of this post. Fancy me for a bit longer about rooftops!

This September I will be traveling to the "Roof of the World" to work with an awesome organization called MountainChild. MC carries hope to the children living in the Himalayas! Who doesn't want to be apart of that? Half of the kids growing up in the Himalayas will die before their 8th birthday- due to a multitude of factors. MC runs the RANCH in Kathmandu, Nepal which houses, raises, and loves children who've escaped the harshest of lives. These children are showered in love, educated with purpose, and raised up to return to their people and end the cycle of suffering. I could be spending my week working at this RANCH doing whatever needs to be done to make that happen!

MC also treks to reach the ethnically Tibetan, who live in the mountains above Kathmandu. Many of who don't have the proper medical attention and supplies to treat critical injuries and illness common on the mountain. This team will be delivering aid in several ways. Medical supplies and basic medical attention will be hiked in. A lot of the medical issues found are rooted in the lack of clean drinking water, this team will address this issue in a water treatment facility. Something foundational to improving the health and living conditions of these people. But above medical supplies and clean water, these folks need Jesus. We've got him in surplus and plan to deliver some of his love and grace to the folks up there too. I could be spending my week on the mountain rocking a backpack.

There you have it! Pray for me. Pray for my team! Visit the MountainChild website and support them. God is doing big things! And it's beyond awesome i get to join in!

More to come!

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  1. Sarah- AWESOME news! This org sounds rock solid! It is far and few between to actually train and return the children to their home to end the suffering. I can't wait to hear more!