Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This week marks a few big days! As of yesterday, I am one day closer to being finished with one year than having started it! That's right folks, I've hit my six month mark and, like always, it's still a little unbelievable. This week also marks the start of my 23 year of life! :) Can I get a "whoot" to that? It's been awesome! And from the look of things, I think it's only going to continue in crazy awesomeness! God is good, and he brings life and fullness to his children- and that, my friends, is truly awesome! Happy day to that for sure!

So, an update for me followers. Again, i shall break it down for you!

Work is good! My middle schools have just returned from studying for their big tests (our SAT equivalents) so we are getting back in the groove of normal class. Motivating them past cucumber like brain activity is my newest challenge. It makes sense though. Students study, literally, all day the few weeks leading up to their test. Cramming crazy amounts of material for every subject in to their heads to spit out into a test. For my middle school students, these are very important tests. They will say which high school they'll go to. That high school will weigh heavily in which university they will get into. It's very important. When they're finished with these tests (which they have every 3 months or so), they're fried and want nothing to do with any sort of studying-- especially English. I have led many incognito English lessons lately.

It was this month that I began to realize that I'm making some sweet relationships with some of my students. Noah. Adam. Julie. Grace. Annie. Sonic. There are a few who have become dear to my heart-- ones who just make me smile! They make going to work a joy! And a riot!

I am going to Nepal! Late this September, I'll be joining a team and making my way to the "Roof of the World". I'm SO excited! A little over a year ago, after attending a few events, the Lord opened my eyes to the real issues of sex trafficking, and it's global presence-- even in my California neighborhoods. It was then a seed of compassion and hatred for what is happening to women and children was planted. Unsure of how to immediately get involved, with many questions and still much to learn, I began to pray that the Lord would show me how he'd have me be involved. This is my opportunity! Sex trafficking in Nepal is pervasive. The organization I'm traveling with, Mountain Child, was conceived in Nepal. While trekking through the Himalayas, a group of Christian men stumbled upon a group of sex traffickers and a host of children. The children were being transported-- to be sold. These Christian brothers had to do something. Mountain Child was born. I am not entirely sure what the Lord is going to do while I'm there, but I do not doubt for a moment that he has big things waiting. Check out the organization.. support them if you'd like.

crazy korea moments.
This past weekend was Amy's birthday. Let me take a moment to explain one of the craziest things i've ever seen. We went to a club. Cocoon. I am not a "clubber", nor really enjoy the clubbing scene, but I do like to dance! We paid our money, and descended down into the pit of a place that would fail all fire codes to the nth degree. It was literally as if I were descending into a steam room, packed should to shoulder with men and women-- all of who were drenched with the sweat of a night of dancing. Or just standing. There was really too little room to even dance. Actually, rather Cocoon like. Swaddled in a sack of sweat drenched people and a awful addition of the fog machine (who invented that thing and thought it would be awesome?). Though I'm a bad judge of numbers, I can safely say there were at least 1000 people in this club. It was intense. And i wish with everything in my i had my camera to document-- but sadly, no such luck. We danced for a while, and departed. We emerged into the "fresh" air... in an unimpressive display of sweat and nastiness. One thing i can say: Been there. Done that.

big things coming.
The last weekend of July, we have a few days of vacation. A few friends and I are making our way to Busan! Beach. Book. Relaxation. Awesome.

I've begun thinking about what is next for me. And while I still have a lot of time, I am praying for what the next season holds for me. Join me? I could use all the wisdom I can get! Six months is kind of a long time, but no so much when I think job placement, living situation, and good things like that! But, like he has done in my life unwaveringly... God provides! Always. We'll see what is next on the life adventure. Though I am 1000% sure that includes home for a while... I've got some people I need to hug and a few summer BBQs, coffee dates, football games, Sunday get togethers, sushi dates, high school baseball games, and auntie play dates to attend to. That should keep my busy for a while!

There you have it! God is good! Life is full and I am well!

Love and miss you all!
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