Tuesday, September 14, 2010

4 Days Till We Leave.

This is the general plan. Arrive in Kathmandu and spend some time at the RANCH with the kids and staff. We'll then bus to a city called Besehara, where out team will break up. Two ladies will stay back and work with the youth in Besesahara, then two trekking teams will head out. We'll trek for 4 days with hopes to deliver medical aid to the villages along the way, do some water research, and love on the folks we meet along the way! I am equipped with bubbles, stickers and on the hunt for a frisbee to bring some love to the kiddos! We will trek to Pokhara where we'll meet up with the other teams and do a Sports Day with the kids we meet there. From there we'll all bus back to Kathmandu and fly home!

The packing update: I now have a water purification water bottle a sleeping bag and backpack thanks to generous friends. There are two piles of clothes laid out... which will get smaller as i continue to look at them. Today i bought some new socks. Tomorrow i will swallow my pride and purchase anti-diarrhea pills (critical for trekking). I am hoping the translation is not too humiliating. "Poor foreigner!" they'll think. wa wa wa.

Let the count down begin! More to come.

Why Nepal?
Visit MountainChild.org for more information.

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