Saturday, September 11, 2010

One Week from Today.

It is Saturday night, and I find myself sitting in Cafe London at the bottom of an Americano. It's been a while since i've been here, im not sure why! This place is awesome... i'll work on that.

Anyway, I've chosen to spend the night in (sort of) to prepare for Nepal. It is funny how the week you specifically need space to pray and prepare... your week fills up! Every logistical errand for the trip takes much longer than planned, and you start to get sick! Haha... funny how that happens. But not coincidence.

I think I wrote in previous posts that I am expecting big things on this trip. I'm not really sure what that means just yet, but I trust that God is going to do awesome things! And well, i feel inadequate and underprepared. Both thoughts of which are not from the heart of Jesus. Something is working here- and i'm fighting that b. : )

I've been wrestling these thought all week, but was awesomely encouraged in a card i opened yesterday from a dear, friend i like to call Dawnie. One that was post marked long before i planned to visit Nepal, but one most perfectly timed! It was filled with a homework assignment to read 2 Corinthians 3, 4, write out my thoughts, and tell people about it! While i plan to share those thoughts with real folks... why not share it with those who are following my blog too?

These verses talk about many things, but parts that stick out specifically tonight are in the confidence i have been given from Jesus to be a minister of his Good News. That I am, in myself, insufficient. Horribly inadequate and lacking. BUT, i have been made competent. A competence which comes from the Spirit of God himself dwelling in me. A confidence that marks itself in a radiant light. A light which shines brightly because i have seen Jesus and he has made and is continuously making me glorious. So, while my vessel is weak, the glory of knowing just how awesome Jesus is and what he has planned for those who love him shines through! What i have to proclaim to this world is only the goodness of Jesus-- and just how grand of a God i serve.

So... that is what i will do! Nepal- you are surrounded by some of the most majestic, powerful, and awesome scenery in the world. The God that i serve created all of that! And well, he loves you! And he has good news for you! This broken world around you- yea, he's coming to make it new! Hold on to your hats or your sandals, or i guess whatever it is your must hold onto ... big things are yet to come!


  1. simple, broken, earthen vessels- through which flows the power & Light of God's Holy Spirit.... humbled, grateful- striving to be so broken, so little of self, so as not to be seen..... Only Him, only Him!

    Go in boldness because He is faithful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love you too, Potts!! Thankful for the Holy Spirit directing the writing f those cards. And so you know, my life is larger and grander for having you in it. Live huge for His glory and don't worry about how to say what...He will tell you!!

  3. Praying for your time in Nepal! Looking forward to talking to you on Monday. Cheryl

  4. aww... i love you guys!

    and dawnie- i was pretty awkward. : )