Monday, September 13, 2010

Um. OK.

Happy Monday Friends! I mean that from the bottom of my heart!

But holy toledo... can it be friday already?

I am sitting at work, milking the wifi and jamming to some Jason Mraz while the rest of my staff room is at dinner. It's been a long week... and i've only at work for 7 hours. It's only Monday.

I have been reminded of a few things this evening:
1. i am a women and cannot roll with the men.
2. Most things having to do with Korean business management make little or no sense to me.

Which is why i am sitting in my office waiting until 10 to go home-- that will be a total of two hours with no classes counting down my time on Facebook and whatever else i can Stumble Upon. Oh, but don't worry... my boss won't notice and i don't think he even cares. He's taken the guys out to dinner. They'll be back later. "But, yea, we have to work till 10."

umm... ok.

This post was initiated to share my plan for Nepal. But i got sidetracked and have since decided that sharing this "ranting" space with the awesome details of my awesome trip was not appropriate.... so i'll post a separate one! : )

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