Friday, April 30, 2010


Hello there friends and family!

Tomorrow is the first day of May. Which makes today the last day of my third full month in Korea. Therefore, perfectly fitting for another update. It's been a few weeks anyway! I think I write this every time, but I really can't believe I've been for for as long as I have. It's really quite crazy. Just to reiterate.

I will start with most recent news first. Yesterday started off wonderful, talked to my best friend, enjoyed a nice conversation session my tutor-ee, Kyeong Min, and then I headed home for a quick bite to eat. Sadly I must share that my apple and peanut butter got the best of me. I quickly finished my lunch when i realized my back tooth had broken. Needless to say the past two days have consisted of two appointments, one root canal threat, a temporary cap, and a future capping ceremony. Lame right? Yea, I don't get worked up over much of anything. Most things ic an take in stride... however I can confidently say I hate the dentist. They hate me too. I didn't think I needed to confirm it on Korean soil, but what do I know?
Two things I can confirm from this experience:
  1. I still hate the dentist. No normal human could enjoy the sound of drilling in your head and the taste of metal in your mouth.
  2. If dentistry can even qualify for being rank-able, Korean dentistry trumps American dentistry ten fold. 6$ for an x-ray. 50$ for a capping procedure. Yea... not optimal, but pretty outstanding considering that is without insurance. I can confidently say that after an hour of pretty intensive work I sit here with no pain. Impressive. (Don't get ahead of yourself though, I still hate you.)
Since writing, I have not just become owner of a new tooth, I also became, for the second time around, the proud sister and auntie to another beautiful girl, Taelyn Elice. She is beautiful. I will, again, shower Skype with piles of accolades because meeting her screen to screen was priceless. Literally. I am so thankful. Don't get my wrong though, I count down the days to hold that sweet thing with my non-virtual arms! Oh man. Moving on.

Some awesome highlights of my last few weeks:
  • Saw Nanta, an internationally recognized Korean production where cooking meets Stomp somewhere between a Korean drama and the reject skits of SNL.
  • Visited a local brewery and enjoyed a BBQ that felt a little like summer and being home. Minus the country music, but i'll take what i can get.
  • Went to a free rock climbing clinic and enjoyed a great morning killing my arms and learning some new technique.
  • Had my first blog published on the Adventure Teaching Travel Blog, which was both encouraging and exciting! Hopefully more to come with that!
Work has been great! My middle school students have been taking their "big tests" and have not been attending academy. Which is nice for me (and for them too I'd assume, unless they really like me, but I doubt it.) Most days the past week I've had my last 2/3 classes canceled. Next week will look similar. May 5th is Children's Day, and students don't have school that day. Our academy will be celebrating them the entire week. Which means movie and munchies for them... and little or no prep for us! Awesome.

I think May will fly bye. The third weekend of May is a three day weekend and we're headed to Gyeounju for a few days of touring and relaxing. Which is going to be AWESOME. The weather is also starting to warm up, so i am anticipating much out-age and exploring this month! My heart will also be back home this month. My cousins will be graduating from high school. My roommates and dear sisters will be graduating from Biola and my Madre will be celebrating Mother's Day.

Again, moving on before my heart gets real sad.

So there it is friends! I am doing well. Life in Korea is chugging along in full steam and I really am enjoying it! I miss my family and friends terribly... but hey... im 1/3 of the way done! : )

God is good. Life is sweet and i am terribly blessed!
Blessings to you all!
-sarah, capa, potts, pottsie,

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  1. I love reading your updates, friend! Bummed you won't be here for our graduation, but glad for you that you won't be sitting in the sweltering heat for 4 hours to see our quick walk across the stage. We'll be sure to update you on the important highlights as soon as everything is done and over. :)

    Love to you!