Thursday, April 15, 2010

Black Day.

If you remember my post titled "For the Love", from a month ago, you'll remember that April 14th is a big day. Step-sister to Valentine's Day, it is a day of lamenting, I mean celebrating, for all the single folk.

April 14th is Black Day and as promised I celebrated. All the single ladies, and one gent, gathered at my place for what was a crazy massive pot of black been noodles (half of which ended up in the trash). And in one accord we partook of a hardly delicious bowl of Jajjangmyeon. I can tell you this, if the sauce sticks to the pan and starts to burn after small amounts of heat, it probably has TOO much sugar for a dinner entree. Just a thought.

Anyway, Black Day... i have two things to say to you:

1. You aren't so bad. Neither is the life of a "solo".

2. I shall never eat Jajjangmyeon again. (looks like i better work on finding myself a man.)

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