Monday, April 12, 2010

God Answers Prayer.

Next time I'll learn to be a little more specific.

I have a list of things I must do and see in Korea (see tab above). Seeing the Cherry Blossoms is one of them. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure Korean springtime is marked by the beauty of these little buds and I just couldn't miss it!

I had been checking, religiously, the weather maps and planning a perfect time to see them in prime blossom. 5 days later than last year. 4 days earlier than the annual average. Saturday was the day! They said so. We planned it. The sun was going to shine! We'd bike ride in Yoeuido Park and picnic beneath the pink umbrella of springtime. It was going to be epic. I'm pretty sure we would have broken out into choreographed song and dance at the splendor of it all.

Until I checked the weather report. Cloudy. 60% chance of rain. What the? All week it had been spring. 65. Sunny. Delightful spring weather. Why, on my only day off, was it to rain? "Boo," is all I had to say about that one! So I started to pray, "Jesus, please let it not rain on Saturday. Amen." And I continued my weather checking frenzy.

Saturday morning we woke up. It was cloudy. But, no rain. So we made the trek. Cherry Blossom Festival here we come!

Well friends, it never rained on Saturday. And we saw cherry blossoms.
On a grand total of three trees. I must say, it was less than epic.
The display of other cherry blossom fanatics was sad. Huddled around the small grouping of blossoming trees snapping pictures as if they actually caught them in all their glory, was nothing short of embarrassing. I was horribly disappointed. This is not what we've waited for people. Don't be fouled. There's got to be more!

There they are. In all their naked splendor.

The trip wasn't a total failure. I mean, we did take a nice long walk along the river (because we got off at the wrong subway stop). We saw many a romantic couple peddling away along the riverbank, and strolled deflated beneath a sad skeleton of a Cherry Blossom Festival canopy. Next time folks... maybe next time.

I tell you what though, a lesson quickly learned. Next time- I'll be more specific.

(Sarcasm O' Meter= 70% It wasn't that bad! )

The Han River.

The other hopefuls. And the barren trees.

Pretty sweet picture i think!


  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :-(

  2. :) thanks sista!
    Hopefully this weekend i'll get some awesome ones of the cherry blossoms!
    love you!