Monday, April 12, 2010

15 Places to Visit This Decade

The Huffington Post heralds Seoul as one of the fifteen "must-see" international cities of the decade! It's noted for its high fashion and impressive city life, and I think I'll have to agree!

Korea, at least the potions I've explored, have far exceeded all of my expectations. Sure, I didn't have very many, but, in no way did I think it would be as modern and cutting-edge as it is! The art and design culture, as well as the modern/traditional architectural beauty is pretty remarkable. It's quite astounding what a country, a city specifically, can become in a short 50 years following a devastating war. There are still traditional areas and ways of thinking, thankfully so! Tis the beauty of a blossoming country!

But, make no mistake, my friends, the fashion scene is pretty rockin' and the city life is unmistakably impressive! Unfortunately, the pants are still way too short and most eateries favor the height impaired. But, other than that, it's awesome!
Check out the whole story here!

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