Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

Some days you just feel loved! By people who love you and by God!
Man. Today was such a great day! First day of real spring... flats and a sweater all the way! It was beautiful!! I spent my morning at Costco with some awesome ladies! Got to work and was greeted with a love package from my wonderful parents with some Easter love! Seems like i've had to explain what Easter is to people who have literally NO idea. They can't even begin to understand why i'd want to celebrate... but man... do i have reason to celebrate!! I spread some of the Easter love with Robin Egg Whoppers! So, work was great! And to finish it off nicely, my last class was canceled. So i got off early... on a friday!! Does it get any better than that?
Came home and i'm sitting writing some people back thinking about my awesome day and how awesome God is... and the country song "Sarah Smile" comes on.
Oh! I'm smiling alright! Because God is good. Life is good! And i am blessed!

It's a Good Friday indeed!
Thank you Jesus for life! And for all that means!

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