Sunday, May 2, 2010

When JM Greets You in the Park.

For those of you who know me, you will know that my heart is bent toward a boy named JM. He gets me every time! He's a good looking man. His voice. The hat. Straight to the heart, folks. Straight to the heart.

He's done it again, friends. Without even knowing it.

I was in Hongdae. An awesome city, which I believe is quickly becoming one of my favorite places in Seoul. Filled with life and music, good eats and art, and just a lively bunch of folks out to enjoy life. I'm a fan, which is why I've started to love this little place. Last night confirmed said feelings.

You see friends, I love live music. The beat. The crowd. The long instrumentals and freestyle jammin', if you will... I just LOVE it. Stage it somewhere outside, give me a warm night, some lovely friends. Mmm. Could it really get any better? I think about that one to confirm, but i think not.

Last night was just that. Live music in the park. A talented band bringing it hard in a low-key, kick-back, free flow performance. Beat boxing, eclectic covers, tap/break dancing, comedy which I could not understand but was undoubtedly funny. Friends. FRIENDS, it was good! Like so good. We probably stood there for close to two hours, oh and thankfully so.

At one point, following an awesome Glen Hasard "Falling Slowly" cover... i heard a sweet, sweet plucking that could never be mistaken for anything other than my boy Jason Mraz. Oh, and sweet it was! I'm Yours and Lucky sung by a nice lookin' man with an equally nice voice. Second to the man himself. I got really happy really fast! And I was already really happy! So that was happy to the max! Only to escape in what I know was a lively set of wide eyes, a glowing smile, and bobbin' bod. It was good... so very good!

It really is the small things.

Now. If I will ever suggest the characteristic of a man i'm really lookin' to bend my heart toward to, this is the time. So listen up. : )
A (tall) Jesus lovin', music makin', world travelin', joke crackin', JM listenin', fish taco eatin', simple livin' kinda man who likes the Packers, the Colts, and the Cowboys.
(no wonder this seems to be taking a while.) : )


  1. Wow. Wow. Wow and wow again! Yes! That was awesome! How exciting!!! I'm so happy for you-you don't even know! Love it! I also love how your camera seems so far over the peoples heads below. I'm kinda thinkin' that you weren't really stretching your arm over to get a good shot ;) so happy you got to hear Jason! I'm bout to listen to him right now b/c of that! Love you sista!

  2. I think I would like that village too!