Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our feast was phenomenal. We had it all folks. Chips. Salsa. Guacamole. Fijitas. Black Beans. Cheese (the real stuff!).
Rachel and I even attempted Spanish rice. For those of you who know me well know that when it comes to rice, and i am anything but proficient. To be frank: i suck at making rice. But we were determined to do Cindo proud.
We got close to butchering it when i smelt smoke and realized the bottom was burning. However, quick hands quickly solved the problem. Remove pan from heat. Don't scrape too deep. I must say, it was quite delicious. And wasn't crunchy!

There you have it! Happy Cinco de Mayo! Also celebrated as Children's Day in Korea... i shall call it Happy Awesome Day. No work. Delicious Mexican Food. Great Friends.... awesome indeed!


  1. OOOooooo you are so brave to leave video feed of yourself! YOu are truly becoming a professional I suppose! I'm so happy you found some avocados and that you celebrated Cinco De Mayo. We didn't even do anything with the preschoolers today-and I am the spanish teacher! Love you. Glad you got to spend time with some friends. I think you should introduce some of them to us! Maybe another video feed?

  2. $7.00??????? WOW you gotta love em' :D I agree with meeting the friends!!!!
    love your sis

  3. Yea!!!! Avocados the only fruit worth $7!!!!!

  4. :) i'll work on the friends.
    and madre.. yes... avocados are the ONLY fruit worth 7 bucks!
    though Koreans think that a watermelon is worth significantly more. 15/17,000 W! That's 17 bucks for a watermelon. Don't they know that the main ingredient is FREE?

    : )

  5. Sarah that sounds super yummy & I'm quite jealous. No one make the assumption that all of Latin America enjoys the tastiness of Mexican food b/c it does not! There's one Mexican food restaurant I know of here but it's super pricey. I think I'm going to look for some $7 avocados myself...