Monday, May 3, 2010

Rock Climbing

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I think I am going to stop looking at the weather forecast. It just makes me sad. For instance, this weekend was prime spring weather. Clear, warm, just lovely, right? This week, you ask? Rain. All week. Everyday. Rain. All I can say is all this shower better make for a lot of May flowers. Insert shake of fist here.

In spite of the weather reports and worsening weather woes, I was determined to get outside this past week. To do what, you ask? Rock Climb. I was going to go rock climbing, and no one, even you Mother Nature, could stop me. I had read about a free climbing clinic in Seoul through Sanirang Alpine Networks, successfully found them on Facebook, confirmed my attendance, and was stoked to get out and climb again. It had been a while and despite all the forecasted gloom, I was determined to make it into Seoul. And so I did.

The weather was a bit chilly, storm threats loomed, Sadang Station almost got the best of me, but I didn’t suffocate and the rain held off nicely; and thankfully so! I enjoyed a wonderful Wednesday morning in Seoul rock climbing and met some great folks in the process.

I met up with a team from Sanirang Alpine Networks for their Free Wednesday Climbing Clinic, and it was great. I must have been the only weather smiter this week. I had the whole clinic to myself. Which was great! The guys were really kick back and helpful. Because I had some previous climbing experience they didn’t spend a lot of time on the basics, and actually spent some significant time teaching more intermediate techniques, which was awesome. But fear not, the clinic is perfect for those who want to try something new with little or no climbing experience. They’ll teach you! And it’s free! What more could you ask for?

Free Wednesday Climbing Clinics are offered through the end of June, every Wednesday in Daechi-Dong (Line 2 at Samsung Station) at an artificial wall in a pretty cool park. For those of you who works nights, like me, the morning session conveniently runs from 9-12 am. Come and go as you like, or per the croak speed of your forearms. For those of you with more flexibility, there is also an afternoon session running from 3:30-6:30pm. Equipment is free. The wall is free. Folks and fun are on the house! Awesome, right?

For those of you interested in more advanced rock climbing adventures and schools, be sure to check out They offer many climbing schools and adventures, and the guys who run it are wonderful! There is also an online community of rock climbers called (KOTR), which offers Korea specific information on artificial walls and gyms, bouldering and climbing areas, climbing comrades, and upcoming climbing adventures.

There you have it. Outing o’ awesome: Sanirang Free Wednesday Climbing Clinic. Invite some friends. Set your alarm, don’t forget the coffee, and avoid Sadang Station at all costs. You’ll enjoy yourself, get a nice workout, learn something new, and be back in time to suit up and teach some English.

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  1. Like this! Do you get paid when you do this for them or something? Oh I saw you have a faithful follower over there! Be careful with those strangers via blogs ;)