Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's Been Snowing for 2 Days!

Yup. That's a lot of snow.

But the funniest thing about that has to do with ice cream.

You see, I walk past a Baskin Robbins every day to and from work. It's usually empty. Understandably so! It's winter. And cold. And well for the past two days it's been snowing. Not exactly prime ice cream cone consuming conditions.

But yesterday was different. As I was walking to school i passed more than a few folks rockin' the ice cream cones. Umbrella in one hand, shielding themselves from the snow, and an ice cream cone in the other. Huh? How is that even enjoyable? Oh, it got better. I soon passed the BR and it was packed! What the?!? Why, in the dead of winter, in the middle of a snow dumping, would you want to get ice cream? It kind of baffles my mind. When it snows, my first though is coffee and fireplace. Cozy blanket and hoodie. Not an ice cream cone.

But, i cannot yet judge. So, in full participation of the Korean culture, i commit to buy an ice cream cone when it snows again. The downpour has taken a bit of a hiatus; but, tonight, if it starts again, i will make the purchase. Rock the umbrella. And conclude whether or not there is something magical about enjoying ice cream in the snow.

This is Pottsie reporting from South Korea. More to come on that soon. Back to you in California.


  1. I admit it. I love ice cream, in front of the fire and curled up under a blanket. A good book or movie, cup of hot tea, under a blanket, in front of the fire, with a bowl of ice cream. I'm there. Love you, Mary Grace

  2. I'm with you on the winter not being mixed with ice cream cones (at least not outside!). This truly is a phenomenon. Maybe it's so cold that the ice cream is warmer than the temperature, eh? eh? Hm. Probably not. We'll expect a picture of you with your ice cream the next time it snows! We want proof!

  3. Done. Hopefully it wont be snowing much... im really hoping spring is on its way soon. It's just too cold for my preferences!
    But, yes, when it snows, I will be buying some and will definitely take a picture to document!

  4. To follow up.
    Today's lesson in one of my 5th grade classes was about the seasons. So i made a little opener activity asking them to write sentences about what season is their favorite and why. One of the questions was "____ is my favorite season because i like to eat ___" Fifty percent of the class wrote winter. 100 % of them wrote ice cream as their favorite food in winter. hmm. i think i might have caught onto something.

    Further investigation is now necessary.