Friday, February 26, 2010

Don't Be Fouled.

You know, it really is the small things that make me laugh. I found this little guy plastered to my door this afternoon. And well... it made me laugh.

Don't know how anyone could possibly create an advertisement with a bottle of oil, two mounding plates of fried chicken, one of them smothered in sauce, and two mugs of beers; title it "Health", and think... "YES! I believe we've nailed it!"

Nice try boys.

I mean the green is working in your favor. And the leaf. Oh, the leaf! It's convincing. It really is! Want to convince anyone of a product's eco-friendliness or health consciousness... change your font to a muted green and add a touch of leaf. It'll get 'em every time! And the the farm house. Touching! You'd make Paula Dean proud.
But even she, the butter queen, wouldn't claim that fried chicken is health. I mean healthy.

Tasty- yes. Healthy- i think not.

But nice try!

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