Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hello friends!

While I have posted a few interesting stories the past few days, i don't think i've written an official "greeting" in a while, so here goes nothing! : )

Today is day three of gloomy rainy weather suckiness. There is rumor, more like weather channel predictions, that it might snow tonight. I would be a whole lot happier if i woke up to the sun beaming in my window! As majestic as it is to wake up to a sweet snow covering of the Emart parking lot (the view from my window), i'd much rather wake up to the sun beaming in. Just saying. I'm bracing myself for the bitter cold that is bound to come after it stops raining. Bring on the beanie!

Let's see... this week is my one month mark in Korea! It seems to have FLOWN by! I really feel like i just got here! And i mean, i kind of did. But a month went by super quick! One down. Eleven to go. Whoot!

In light of the gloomy weather I have likened myself to a small hermit, and have stayed pretty much cooped up in my apartment. Besides my trek to and from work. Kind of lame, but for those who know me know i hate the rain. Especially walking in it. So until it passes i'll stay inside (Or else. Take that as threat, you rain!). Hopefully it will end soon... i'm going a little stir crazy. One good thing all this stirring has cooked up is a little creative juice. I have successfully plastered a massive tree in my kitchen, and one on the wall by my window. And have started a piece of art called "Fruit". And i've also mastered up some pretty massive ideas... too big and awesome to share in this brief blog. More to come on that soon.

Superbowl Monday was awesome. Well, mostly awesome because i got to see/talk to my family! But it lacked serious snackage and I settled for a sad attempt to watch the game via live score updates. Fr those of us who lack any comprehension of football lingo, following the game is sickly lame when you have to read about it. And i mean, with no commercials call i even call it the Superbowl? Philosophical... i know, but a valid question i think. I was hoping to land myself an Internet showing, but no such luck. Next year!

Tomorrow a new foreign teacher will come, her name is Rachel and she is a complete mystery to us. But we shall meet her soon! (She better be awesome. Or else!) This weekend is also Lunar New Year... so THREE DAY WEEKEND! whoot! I think in my last greeting i said we were headed to Jeoungju. Change o' plans. We learned that tradition calls the city folk into the countryside to pay homage to their elders. Most will head towards Jeoungju. We'll go another weekend when we won't have to dodge traffic and people and crowd madness.

We are now headed to the Lotus Lantern Temple to experience a temple stay. I will be learning about Buddhism and it's influence in Korean culture and living a monk life for 24 hours. Pretty awesome. Pray that I would be equipped to engage in fruitful conversation with the people there. That i would have an open mind to learn and engage... but also point people to Jesus. Because he ALONE is sufficient!

: ) Getting all fired up inside! More to come on that for sure! Check it out!

Week 4, one day shy... CHECK!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. So is your tree part of your quilling art???

  2. negatory.
    it's a massive wall decal... and awesome one! : )

  3. Pictures of the apartment?? Gotta see the new digs...