Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Greetings from Sanbon!

Today was a nippy 19 degrees, and i'll tell you what, i will be really happy when I can rock a scarf simply for kicks and not to shield from piercing coldness!

I cannot complain. Though horribly cold, it is beautiful here! Maybe it's because it's all new at this point, but i'm still loving it! I am anticipating the spring, when things will turn green and the cherry blossom trees bloom! Ah... joy to my little soul.

The past two weeks have been a blur! I've been adjusting to teaching, preparing classes, and settling into my new role. Teaching English really is as simple as people say. It's transitioning into the job without really any guidance that is the hard part. Training really is a foreign word.

I'm two days into my new schedule and my new classes and aside from a host of blank stares and "huhs" i think it is going pretty good. At one point tonight a young man was talking about me in Korean. I scared the pee out of him when i told him i could understand Korean and that i understood everything he was saying. His eyes got real big, he kept swallowing real hard, and persistently asked me if i really knew what he was saying. HA! That was a fun little game! I'm really enjoying working with my older kids... they're fun, and take me back to junior high group days!

Anyway... before class today i had a few errands to run and decided to take a little walk around town. Part that i had yet to explore. As i was walking back, i passed a group of young girls. One of them was my student and she introduced me to her friends... and we chatted for a bit. It just warmed my heart. One of the reasons i was looking forward to coming here was the opportunity to poor into some young women. And i think it's happening! I am hopeful that they will see me as a safe and fun-loving person who genuinely cares for them! And in that, my prayer is that they would see Jesus. Step one: street recognition and small take... i'll take it! Just need to get caught up on my KPop (Korean Pop music) then i can really connect!

One topic heavy on my mind is the topic of beauty. It is interesting how the definition and standard of beauty changes in a culture exchange. I have not fully fleshed out this idea in my mind, but when i do i will share. In short, i am just amazed and taken back when people find my green eyes, blonde hair, and height especially beautiful. I have never received so many compliments as i have in Korea-- from complete strangers. It is just interesting.... and often times horribly awkward. ha!

I've started to attend a small international church called Life Church. It's only two subways, one bus and 1.5 hours away... but I am loving it! The congregation is full of people who love Jesus and love his kingdom work! Just sitting in the midst is powerful. My prayer is that i will find a place to plug in and in that find community and an outlet to serve.

Lunar New Year is coming up! Which means a new year for the moon and we get a three day weekend! Whoot! Three off us foreign teachers are planning a little get-away. We are planning to go to Jeonju for a weekend of Korean culture, bibimbap, hanok, and rest! Should be a great weekend! I' looking forward to it!

A little update for you! I am doing well. My apartment is starting to feel like home. And my heart is starting to miss home! But i am still LOVING Korea and being here! I came wanting to see Jesus and his beauty is abundant in Korea! For that... i am thankful! As i say often, i am convinced that seeing Jesus changes everything! Whoot to that! Though i cannot express at times just how much i miss my loved ones. Thank you Jesus for skype! Distance reminds you just how awesome people are in your life!

More to come soon! Love you all!

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