Tuesday, February 23, 2010

All I Wanted Was a Nap.

Apartment living is always entertaining. I almost wrote fun, but that would have been a lie. I will spare the graphic details, but let's just say I've partaken of my fair share of Korean sounds in the past month. The paper-thin walls don't exactly help that problem, and well, people are just loud. Though I'm sure at times they don't exactly appreciate my finer tastes in music. : )

Well, today I was feeling rather tired. So i decided to take a nap. The moment i laid my little, tired head down, the little yapper upstairs started making noise. No, not a child. Though at night i am "blessed" with the serenade of "Hot Cross Buns" as a young-something- year-old practices ruthlessly on his new recorder in the apartment upstairs. He'll master it one day. And hopefully take up painting. This morning's musical headache was that of a bloody dog. A barking dog. One of those tiny dogs you have to give a hooded-coat and boots because he's so tiny, unnaturally so. And his little dog voice matches his little rat body? Got a picture in your head? Well that little beast barked for an hour straight as i tried to nap. Boo to that. I think i shall buy him a matching scarf, you know to make sure he's real warm.

So while i still have not mustered up the courage to bang on the ceiling, i can say i have officially confirmed one thing. My detest of dogs is international.
Just in case anyone was wondering.

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  1. This is a funny post! But I am really upset that you couldn't get a nap! Do ear plugs help?