Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Hello there!

It's about time for another update, eh?

Today marks six weeks I've been in Korea. Crazy, yea? It's flying by! I'm sure not the same is true for some of you reading this, but in the mix of all the past month has held for me, it's been a small whirlwind! Just newness. All the time.

At this point I can say that I'm getting into the groove of my job, and I'm really enjoying it. Though there are times the events at school are just chaotic or comical in all senses of logic, I quickly remind myself that I am the lowly English teacher, and I'm not responsible. It's in my nature to be an overachiever. Most of the time to my error. But, sometimes I just want to help out! Do a little extra. Yada, yada, yada. Well when you have no clue what is going on, cannot understand when things are being spoken of, you can't exactly help out. Right? So, I don't. I just focus on my job. Which mostly consists of printing out worksheets, singing songs, and goofing around with kids.

I always have crazy funny conversations with my students. You can thank me later for the host of stickies accumulating to the funny stories! Just small reminders of things to pass along to you guys back home! There have been some really good ones. One of my favorites this week was with an 8 year old boy.

He came into my class as a new student. So I introduced myself. Most students don't have an English name when they come in, so we ask them to pick one. Great, right? Well, try explaining that to a kid! To any kid for that matter! But for one who doesn't speak much more than "teacher. bathroom?" or "teacher. game?", it's quite the task! So, in all efforts to welcome him warmly I said "Hello, my name is Sarah teacher." Pointing to another boy student I said, "This is Alex.", and to another, "This is Gerome. What is your name?"
Day one. Flop. Miserably. I gave up efforts quickly after his poor face screamed confusion and he told me that it was Monday. I resorted to the ambiguous "you" for the rest of the day. Though, a little while into my lesson I realized he had a pretty good grip on English. For an 8 year old, that is.
Day two i was determined.
Gesturing again to No-Name, I said, "Hello! My name is Sarah teacher. What is your name?" He looks back at me and with all certainty says, "No."
Not exactly the answer I was going for. Even Korean kids have mastered "no". To all parents reading this, it crosses cultural boundaries. Even linguistic barriers.
Then, being proactive I continued, "Ok! We shall call you.... Max!" With a big smile he said, "No! No."
My look of confusion must have translated well. The kid Alex sitting next to him starts to laugh. Pointing to his chest he says, "Yes!" and then pointing to No-Name he says "No!" Indicating that No-Name's name is No, and Alex is Yes. Smart kids! And so stinkin' funny. The class starts to laugh. I couldn't help myself either! So I point back at the N0-Name, "No?" i question. He looks back in all sincerity of heart and in perfect English says, "Yes!"
Gerome. Alex. Julie. Jenny. Hannah. Diana. Amy. Jessica and No.

Fun times! Let's see, on a more personal note, I have been learning a lot lately! Moments of being here have been really hard this past week. You see, being in Korea is starting to feel normal. I'm starting to feel like this is my life. At least for the next year! Which is awesome! I am loving it! But at the same time, I am missing and have missed terribly the people back home. Things change, and that is hard!

I tell you what though... I am craving some serious Mexican food! The lack of Mexican food in Korea is not appreciated! Holy toledo. I was reading my recent email of "Eat This and Not That" (which if you're not a follower you should be!) And the picture of a fish taco got me. Man, what I would do for some salsa right now! Or cheese for that matter. : )

Tis' my six week update! I have accompanied it with some recent pictures of my apartment. It's starting to finally feel like "home". I'm a fan of that! Another three day weekend this weekend... and we're headed to the East Sea with some new friends! Should be a great time of relaxation! Hopefully the weather will cooperate with us... : )

Until next time!!
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