Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Etch-a-Sketch Remix

You remember the Etch-a-Sketch right? That blasted red box? Well I never really got the groove for sketching pictures; it never really captured my attention long enough. However, i do remember one bus ride up to Hume Lake when I dominated that little guy. No pictures folks. Rather, I just wanted to see how long it would take me to clear the entire screen of that mystical dust to reveal the magic, inner workings. Success. It can be done friends. Provided you are trapped in a bus for 6 hours. Sadly, it wasn't as exciting as i thought. (That might be the same bus ride Heather colored my birthmark blue... but that's besides the point.)

Anyway, it snowed again last night. How many days is this? I'm really going to appreciate spring when it comes! Again. Besides the point. You're probably wondering how i'm going to tie an Etch-a-Sketch and another snow dumping together, but don't you worry my friends... it's coming.

The little men of Korea fascinate me. If it snows so much, why has no one invested in more efficient snow clearing tools and methods. I am no snow plow, but i do know that a broom is hardly adequate to "shovel" snow. Just saying! Anyway, like i think i've noted before, from my window i can see the park; including the running track and basketball courts. To my sheer delight and little chuckle, i saw the little men of Korea in another frantic attempt to clear the snow... this time in what i like to call the "Etch-A-Sketch Remix". I mean, with all this snow they've got to mix it up... keep things lively!

Eight or so men with driveway appropriate shovels attempting to clear four basketball courts and four volleyball courts of a few inches of snow. I looked at them and couldn't help but laugh... and snap a picture of course. It reminded me of my Etch-a-Sketch shenanigans and how, there really MUST be a better way. But for now, i will look on and keep smiling!

Slowly by surely.

"Keep it comin' boys!"


  1. Nice pictures sista! I love little your phrase "the little men of Korea" haha I am still laughing! I just picture these cute little guys with their cute little legs...I'm thinking of children more than men I guess...heehee...Nice post! Love em'!

  2. Sarah, I just love your Blog. You are a gifted writer. When my hands were useful, I wrote a lot if things. ' Even took Creative Writing, but nothing was ever published. If I knew how, maybe I could start a blog too I can type w/one finger. Ha! God bless you and keep warm. A/Dott

  3. Aunt Dott- thank you for reading my blog! Your words are encouraging! :)

  4. That's awesome! I love the Etch a Sketch analogy. I'm a very visual thinker. I can see it happening. Take care Sarah. We miss you. Mary Grace