Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Realities are Harsh.

Please pray for this little girl.

Tsering Sangmo is a beautiful little girl from Nupri. Her brother is at the MountainChild Ranch in Kathmandu. A few months ago the staff became aware that she had contracted a small eye infection. One treatable with simple eye drops. With no immediate medical attention available and the ill treatment of a local witch doctor, the infection got worse and the treatments of this local doctor--hot water- have left her face mared.

After hearing about the worsened condition of this little girl, the MC staff instructed that the little girl be brought down from the village. It took a few weeks to reach the Ranch.

Here she sits in Kathmandu. She is undergoing surgery in Nepal today. Please pray for her! Pray for guided hands and a quick healing!

5 Core Issues in the Himalayas.
1. Health Care.
2. Education
3. Sex Trafficking
3. Child Labor
4. Environment

The realities are at times harsh... but God is still good! His provisions through MC are allowing this little girl to receive treatment. And by his grace, she will grow up knowing that he is the great Healer!

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  1. Thank you for posting this. She is definitely being counted for in prayers.

    What an awesome thing that MC was able to bring her down and treat her!

  2. who the heck lets someone pour scortching hot water on a childs face?

  3. That's just the thing! Second Core Issue in Nepal... education. The religion and tradition in the mountains lends to hope in the witch doctors and their treatments. This doesn't leave much room for modern medicine... even simple eye drops. And even if they were open to something other than advised of the which doctor, the availability of those simple medicines are lacking.

    Hence the work needed in the mountains!

  4. Poor child, this brought tears to my eyes. May God be with her everyday, healing her face & blessing her little heart. Thank God for the doctors helping her.

  5. Just found your page and have really enjoyed reading all you've wrote so far. Sounds like you are having a wonderful experience there. Proud of you!
    I will read your story tomorrow. I hope and pray the little girl is doing okay now.
    Hope to see you while you are home for Thanksgiving. More later! Love you! Uncle Jay & Aunt Margie