Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I've been in Korea for 9 months!

Crazy. Just plain crazy.

This past month has been a small whirlwind. For those of you following this blogy blog closely... i went to Nepal. It was, in short, AMAZING. So amazing. Sometimes i briefly forget of my travels, but my iPhoto kindly reminds me that, yes, i did indeed travel to Nepal. And yes, it was indeed crazy awesome! Too awesome and long to talk about in this short greeting! But nonetheless life changing in the most awesome-est of ways!

See below posts, and come back again, for more deets.

Right now i am sitting at work and watching the live coverage of the Chile mine rescue. My classes are finished for tonight, and well im hooked! I've been watching all day! So amazing to think about, right? These miners have been a half a mile underground for over two months. Another group of men have been working around the clock to free them! They created a brilliant plan to drill through the earth, and have made a space ship to hoist those miners the half a mile up and out of the earth. That is crazy to me! I was shocked at my first glimpses of the "Pheonix" (the spaceship). That sucka is tiny! My borderline claustrophobia would have me doing panic circles in the cave. Can you imagine being in a cage less than 2 feet in diameter with your arms crossed over your chest, in a shoot of solid rock? The very same rock that collapsed on you a few months prior. Holy heck. Gets me all anxious just thinking about it. But, again, that is besides the point. The men are making their way out one by one... and it's just AWESOME!

Anyway, since this blog is about my time in Korea, i will switch topics. Though that is a little difficult considering i am so ready to be home! I'm not sick and tired of Korea, just ready to be home. You know? I bought my place ticket home for Thanksgiving yesterday, I pretty sure that is contributing to the problem!

Make this attempt two to switch topics.

Fall has wonderfully arrived in Korea! The air is crisp, the boots are out and my neck is decked with scarfage! I am one happy girl! My plan this weekend is to get out of the city and see some foliage! I'm holding out for a Gingerbread latte, but from the looks of it, i think rumors of such deliciousness are false. Anyway, my plan this month (and as long as fall allows) is to find the beautiful places in Korea! :) I think Soraksan and Bukhansan are on the list.

Hmm... what else is new. I got a new couch. It's awesome and pretty dang comfy. I found new running shoes. They're awesome and bright orange. And I baked a pumpkin, and it too was awesome and bright orange! Awesomeness all around!

I guess when you hit nine months, things feel rather "normal". That is, unless you're pregnant. Nine months at that point would be a mix of back pain, diapers, and the weight of looming responsibility for a little one. All of which i don't have, which is nice. And i guess nine months underground wouldn't be all that normal either. But, life in Korea is rather normal at the moment! Which is good!

So, before i keep rambling on just about nothing... how about a few pictures.

My home! And my new couch!

My house take two!

The new kicks.

The curried black bean stuffed baked pumpkin.

Well there you have it folks! Greetings from Fall in Korea! My apologies for the less than exciting update!

But, know i love you! At least those of you who i know!

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  1. I am a little behind in my blog-reading... Bad Auntie. Love the new couch and you will definatly not be missed in those bright orange shoes!! I cannot wait to see your beautiful face in the brown desert again! I love you Sari-Lou