Sunday, October 3, 2010

First Night.

This was our first night in the villages. This village was run in a strange, almost Communist like way. All visiters were greeted and taken to a particular house to stay at, in order to spread out the wealth and i guess burden of house guests. We didn't pay each house or place for what we ate or drank or for even our beds, but rather we paid the Community Tourism Board-- actually the village leader guy. There was a village "menu"-- a literal menu. Laminated and all! On it had everything from the food available and bed prices, to the different cultural experiences available. Goods and experiences brought to us by the community as a whole. There was one "co-op" of sorts in the center of the village where the food was.

A little strange. But it seemed to be working!

Anyway, before we left the next morning we took a walk to their tea fields and to the "village look-out point". It was pretty spectacular!

The blue building in this video is the school.


This is where we stayed!

Our beds. Someone's personal space converted into a guest room... for 4 of us! : )

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