Saturday, January 23, 2010

Traveling to Insa-Dong

I haven’t traveled a whole lot. I mean, I could hardly call myself a traveler, but I’ve gotten a taste of what it’s like, and I’m hooked!

I’m convinced that traveling is about newness. Experiencing something for the first time. Whether you’ve been there before or not doesn’t matter. It’s about arriving, looking around and recognizing there’s something here for you! That, well for most people, is exciting! Hence the wanderlust syndrome: craving the adventure and newness of going someplace new, trying something different and loosing yourself in the crowd of locals. It’s in the goog

ling the heck out of a destination, saving pictures of the must see spots, and memorizing just about every guide book possible before you leave, to finally arrive at the coveted location. It’s the the feeling of standing in Red Square, Moscow, Russia looking up at St. Basil’s Cathedral and thinking... where the heck am I and how did i get here?! You think about all the pictures and books and mo

vies that display this place, blink a few times to make sure it’s actually real, and then you buy a postcard that will hardly replicate the emotion you felt to finally see it! To return home not fully convinced that you were actually there!

That, my friends, is what i experienced today. In a small way. I stepped off the subway today in Seoul, Korea, headed to Insa-Dong, and it hit me. I’m in Korea! Doing life, traveling around, and loving

Jesus in Korea! Seeing the places I’ve researched for so long and in a country I’ve been waiting to get to for months. I’m finally here... and I love it!

My hope for this next is to document my Korean adventure with the greater hope of exploring the a amateur shot at journalism(and to provide the folks who love me a creative outlet to keep up).

I am convinced that Christ’s beauty permeates the corners of the earth. And well, I want to see Jesus! Because i am also convinced that seeing Jesus changes everything. Traveling to see him, first in Korea, is the beginning of a great adventure! Not that he, or my pocket promise any future travels, but i am convinced that for one year he has me here for a mighty reason! And i hope that my travels and insights to the beauty of Korea would show you a little bit about the might King i serve... and just how beautiful he has created the world. Fallen, yes. Broken, yes. But beautiful. AH!... so beautiful!

So let me introduce you to Insa-Dong. Adventure #1

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