Monday, January 18, 2010

First Few Days at A-Class

Hello there friends!
First week of work and i'm sitting in the office on my first break! Breaks are nice. I'm sure once i have classes i will not be using this time to write a blog, but for now... i'll use the time i have! Communicating with everyone back home is quite the task, and im trying to figure out how to do it best. I think this blog will work out nice for the details/pictures (which i'll post soon!) !! :)

Let's see. Yesterday was my first day at work and it was GREAT! Met Sione, my principal, and he is wonderful! Very helpful! I shadowed a lot of the teachers and got to meet a lot of students, which was also great. The kids here are very high energy and like to have a good time... which is nice! I feel like my classes are going to be more like camp rec time meets English, meets elementary carpet song time. ha! : ) It's quiet funny at times! I think i will enjoy working with the older ones... they can understand more, and talk more freely! It's nice when you can talk to them about stuff they like and not have to teach them "firefighter" or "dog". Important words, yes. Exciting... not so much!

Well... that's A-Class so far! I believe i'll be taking over classes early next week... which is quick. But surprisingly i'm not too anxious. However, I do function pretty well under stress. ha! Actually this transition has been very peaceful! At times i was a little scared to venture out... but Korean folks are so nice. In between my broken Korean (which is really only two phrases) and my sad attempts at signing and pointing... i seem to get what i want! Minus the green tea latte, bulk amounts of shampoo, apple smelling body soap... yea, besides those things, i can usually make a good purchase! haha :) It's fun! It's also given my a really good understanding of how people feel when they move to the states and cannot understand. Man.. it must be hard. Especially considering Americans aren't always known to be the most helpful or patient folks! Though i do think we trump on pedestrian right of way-- it's dangerous status walking around here!

Some of the translation things are SUPER funny!! I just love it!

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