Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Live Taste Test

Sadly, my initial thoughts were shortly lived. About 5 minutes after chewing it turned to the pasty like substance normal gum turns after chewing it for hours. And it had no flavor. boo...
Conclusion: Chewable upon necessity, however not preferred over the gummy awesomeness of Stride, 5, Orbit, and their tasty brothers.


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the gum. Good info if I travel to SOKO :-) Love you! Aunt Dawn

  2. Potts! You make me laugh! Keep posting these fun tidbits...good stuff, man! So what's your fav gum here, so we can send you some??


  3. oh, there's more where this came from!
    gum... i really like orbit mint mojito... but anything not fruity is good too! :)

    two comments from my two favorite dawns... wait... i have three awesome dawns in my life! sweet!

    love you guys!

  4. The video isn't working!!! Can you fix it? I want to see it!