Friday, January 8, 2010

5 days!

Hello there friends! I sit here rocking to some live Jason Mraz goodness and in front of me is a pile of madness I plan to take to Korea. I've entered the packing phase and let's just say... i hate packing. I like organizing things to leave here, and i'll love unpacking when i get there. However, packing my life into two bags, 100 lbs, to include not only the essentials but the items i won't be able to find in's not a task for the lighthearted! : )

But things are going well. This week has literally flown by! Seeing a bunch of people and running a lot of last minute errands, etc. Today i'm off to the Apple Store to get my computer looked at. It's struggling.... so hopefully they'll be able to give it a little life! That would be awesome. Then family time! We're rocking the Korean BBQ tonight! Should be fun!

This morning i was delighted to open my email and find my plane ticket! 11:50 Wednesday morning i shall be departing frrom LAX for my year of adventure in Korea. Which is AWESOME! I'm getting super excited! Like so excited. So excited i don't know a better word for it. (so i'll continue to use excited until i make up one.)

A few huge blessings in the past few weeks:
  • A random man in Starbucks taught me how to say thank you in Korean. (kam- sa- ham-ni-da) I think that will be a critical phrase in my first few hours there! Awesome.
  • Sione, my principal is going to provide me with a cell phone! Awesome.
  • Jugie bought me two Korean dictionaries. One pocket size (i'll be carrying that one in my purse) and another big guy! I'll be using those for sure! Awesome.
  • I won't be having to stay in a Korean hotel for few nights before my apartment is ready (typical of most situations having to do a teach switch) but i'll be staying with the teacher who's place i'll be taking. I'll get go follow her around for a few weeks and get acquainted with my new home. Such a blessing! Awsome. to the max!
  • Also got another email saying the ladies would meet me with soju and boraebong. (Korean booze and karaoke.) For those who know me.. i could make some money doing this. I feel like there are quite a few people would pay to see me do karaoke! haha!
5 days and counting. More to come soon!

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