Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I bet you didn't know this: The Virtual Smiley

So, you're texting a friend or writing him/her an email and you finish a line with : ). A cheery happy face! Signing off your thought with approval!
Or : D. If you're really happy.
Maybe a : /. If you're unsure or a little sad.

Add a symbol or letter to a set of eyes: regular ( : ) or winking ( ; ), and you have yourself a commonly known emotion! Not that i'm explaining anything new, but it's rather fancy, eh? : )

Well... i bet you didn't know Korean's have their own!?! Let me share!
Happy or smiles: ^^, ^-^, ^__^, ^ㅡ^
Shy: *-_-*
Crying: ㅠ_ㅠ
Stressed: -_-;;
Dizzy: @.@
Wanting something: +_+
I'm a little perplexed... for an email these would work! I know where all those symbols are... minus the pi symbol. Not sure i know how to get that one, but hopefully i won't be crying much! But for a text message... i don't think the "symbol" section has all these! I'm going to have to investigate! ^_^

(i wondering in what context the "wanting something" is used? hmm...) ^-^

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