Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's the Small Things

I was out at Badly Mesa Elementary school today to do a campaign. And like any campaign i passed out all my info to the empty chairs and waited around for someone in charge to show up.After a few minutes of admiring some student art depicting the differences between "interpersonal", "intra-personal", "international" and "intra-national" (that was definitely a first)... Mr. McDonald showed up and introduced himself as the principal! He was a super nice guy... very friendly, not that i would expect anything less from a principal. Anyway i went on to tell him that visiting all these schools was getting me excited to teach! And though I said it a little vague, he asked on. I continued to tell him about my plans to travel to South Korea and how i had applied to teach English!

He goes on to tell me what a beautiful country it is... and how he had spent some time there after graduating, traveling around and exploring, and what not! And about some of the placed he had visited! Pretty awesome, eh? He's the first person i've met that's actually been to South Korea, and described it as a "beautiful country"!
I like that! A lot!

That's all!

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