Saturday, September 26, 2009

Option #1

I've been in correspondence with a few of the people with Adventure Teaching lately... and i've been very impressed with their communication! I value consistent communication, and though Rueben is in Korea, i seem to get an update from him almost daily... which i appreciate!

Anyway, i've received my first teaching position option! So here are the details... leave your thoughts!
A-Class After School English School
  • Christian school with a Christian principal... who is known for being a very kind and helpful man!
  • Located in Sanbon (Gunpo City) 45 minutes south of downtown Seoul, the capital of Korea. It's outside the large city, nestled at the base of a mountain range packed with popular hiking trails and such!
  • Courses in Writing and Conversational English with students K-9th Grade.
  • 7- 40 minute classes a day (similar to our period system)
  • 2.5 Million Won per year. Plus housing and airfare are provided for.
Just a few of the details. The process from here will include an interview with the principal. If all goes well in the interview and i'm offered a job, we will begin to negotiate a contract. Making sure that i am fit for the job and that the job is also a good fit for me. I'll then start communicating with other foreign teachers at that school and request information regarding my house, vacation time, classroom, etc.

The principal is reviewing me documents and i would assume we'd interview sometime next week! I'll keep you updated! Please pray that i'd have wisdom to know what to ask about and that communication between the principal and i would be clear!

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  1. Okay you have to let us know at some point what won is to dollars...but could look that up alone I suppose! So excited for you! Ahhhh I have to see you at least 10 times before you leave!

  2. 10,000 won= $8.36
    2.5 Million Won= $2097.50
    but making a million of anything is SWEET! :)