Sunday, September 20, 2009


At a family BBQ a few weeks ago... my brother made reference to "SoCo"... and in comical ignorance i hesitated. My 17 year old cousin was quick to not only understand his reference, but to explain it to her confused cousin. SoCo=Southern Comfort. Which i proceed to learn was particularly tasty in coke. Anyway... that's not the SoKo i'm talking about! : )

The SoKo i'm referring to is South Korea The one officially 5971 miles from Victorville! Actually if you look at the map, Hawaii is close to half way between the two!

Anways, i've applied to teach English in South Korea. My application packet has been submitted. I've interviewed. And have been kindly accepted to Adventure Teaching! So... now i wait for a position! This blog will seek to introduce you to the idea, lovingly try to persuade you that it could very well be the experience of a life time, and to keep my loved ones in the loop! So frequent it often... and i'll commit to keep it recent!
More to come!

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