Sunday, March 28, 2010

A New Face.

Plastic surgery is a sport in Korea. But, fear not followers, my boobs are still small and my nose is still intact. Though the wrinkle in my brow from naviagating website design might be worth a little botox action! (A class of mine, 6th grade boys, commented on the little wrinkles between my eyes when i smile. They called me Shrek.)

: ) Ruthless i tell you. Ruthless.

Anyway, my blog, as you have probably noticed is looking a little different these days! A little spiffed up! Simpler and cleaner. I think it's fitting and hopefully easier for my readers to navigate!

Let me know what you think! More pictures and videos to come!


  1. OMG. you really had me laughing over here on that 2nd line! Still can't believe that! I love you. Like your new look too! I need to figure out that whole twitter thing for here too!

  2. :) im glad you laughed!! :)
    I love you.
    and miss you something crazy!