Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My first bong.

Well actually my second. First was a Noraebong, or a Korean "singing room". Karaoke if you will! It was a hit! This was my second- a jimjilbong. Also know as a Korean bath house.

And in a sharing spirit I've decided to freely pass these incriminating pictures for my blog followers to see.
1. Because i think they are freakin' funny!
2. All must see these rockin' outfits. Gender specific and everything! Girls wear pink, of all horrendous shades. Even down to the Star Wars inspired head coverings. Boys wear blue. It's pretty simple. and AWESOME.

I kind of look giant like! haha...

Oh man! Korea... you just keep me on my toes.


  1. Nice, Potts! I totally dig the headcovering....amazing doesn't even come close....

    Way to get into the culture!


  2. Okay this totally looked like a female bonding session-thats too much fun! Just remember what I told you to tell any best friend stealers that you come across. (I hear there's a lot in Korea-both natives & travelers) Remember, those 6 simple words "I already have a best friend" :)

  3. Im glad you caught the title best friend! Love it! :)
    And yes. It was quite bonding... for more reasons than one. Did you read my earlier post? Once you've gone though all the sauna rooms, which are co-ed. Ladies can go up stairs to a host of mineral baths and what not. And well... no bathing suits or awful pink uniforms aloud. :)

  4. Co-ed?! Wow! No suits or uniforms! No way! Is there stuff like that here? hmph.