Saturday, March 27, 2010

Any coffee shop home to a VW Bus is worthy of mention in my book! Today I adventured to the Hongik University area looking for a local art and culture market. Well i found it! But, on the way stumbled across this awesome cafe.

After walking around for a few hours, acquainting myself with the area, I decided to give my dogs a rest and pick a coffee shop to sit at for a while. I spotted this one from across the street. My eye are bad these day and from that distance, I thought the sign read "My Oil" Coffee. Brilliant i thought!! Coffee. Oil. Fuel for the bod. Fuel for the car. Catchy! I was sold, so i illegally b-lined it across the street. Oh, it's a good thing I did!

This place was extraordinary. A vintage roadshow, filled with the smell of pulled espresso and sweets. I walked past two stuffed E.T. dolls sitting in an ol' RadioFlyer on my way in and was delightfully greeted with the bumper of a van. Not just any van, friends! A VW Van. Awesome.

Hunched inside was a lively barista making drinks for a cafe full of people. I made my way to the back of the cafe and found a corner seat at a bar counter. The detail of this place was impressive. Every inch decorated, haphazardly, but with intention. Down to the miniature house assembled in one of the counter cubbyholes at the bar I was sitting at. An eclectic antique store and modern art studio in one awesome space. After previewing my clipboard menu, I turned around to wave over some service. In doing so I noticed the prime hatchback table for two in the back of the bus. Complete with a Little Miss Sunshine poster.

So awesome. The design of places like this just inspires my creativity!

Anyway... Vanilla latte. Good book. Sweet. Though i could hardly read. My eyes were distracted and I couldn't help but people watch. But that's ok. I sat there. Sipped my latte. And it was wonderful!

All that to say. I'm a fan! And i hope i can find it again!

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  1. So, did the sign say "My Oil Coffee"??????