Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Further Investigation. Completed.

I am a convert-- an ice-cream-cone-on-a-snowy-day hater to a fond-frozen-food partaker!

It decided to snow today. Again! In massive, blanketing quantities. Is my excitement emanating?

More than once today i walked to the window and silently (most of the time) blasted the winter weather. Can it be spring already? Seriously. My digits are ready to see the sun! If i could have been anywhere in the world today it would have been sitting outside, on grass, under a warm sun with a nice book and no shoes. (With my family, my friends, some chips and salsa and an Irish Cream latte, of course! The food cravings are rather strange these days.) Not cooped up in a school dreading the walk home because forgot my umbrella and will have make the trek home head uncovered. (In secret revolt i wore my hood-less coat to work. I'll show them-- Snow. Schmo. Its a good thing i stopped short of the flats. That would have been bad.)

Anyway, then... it hit me. Operation Experimentation: Ice Cream Cone in the Snow. Tonight. An inspiration of sorts to get me through the rest of the night.

So. I made my stopped at the BR and bought a single scoop of Tart Fro Yo in a nice sugar cone.

And while i cannot fully describe the experience, i can say that it was pretty awesome! Thoughts of freezing body parts subsided, and for a brief 10 minutes i enjoyed my ice cream cone-- along with the the dumbfounded stares of the already fascinated Korean onlookers.

My ice cream was "frozen" when i got home. A little crunchier than when i first bought it. And well, my walk home was quite delightful.

So, there you have it. The final verdict: An ice cream cone on a snowy night is quiet enchanting! I retract my prior judgment. If my prayers for no more snow fail, i will be enjoying another one again soon!


  1. So you did it, eh? I'm still very skeptical despite your very excited look in the picture. No snow here-just a lovely 85 degrees. Tank top, shorts & rainbows. heehee. Love you. Oh yes, when do us Sarah-blog-followers get to meet your students?

  2. Good for you!! Sarah, if we could just mix a little of the horrendous hotness of Rio with the crushing coldness of S. Korea, we'd be in San Diego together! :-)