Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Year Ago Today.

Today is January 13th. A year ago today i arrived in Korea.

That, my friends, is crazy! The goodbyes have started. The packing is almost finished. And i anxiously hold two plane tickets. 1 roundtrip to Thailand for a much needed vacation! And 1 oneway ticket to a new chapter in California. If you couldn't gather it on your own... that holds for me a bag of mixed emotions. Thankfully it's less than 25kg as i'm not a fan of those extra baggage fees. But, undoubtedly, a little weighty still.

My massive, human-sized duffel bag (in which my sista Jugie can fit in) on the other hand, is right around 25kg and i'm wondering how the heck im going to haul it to the bus stop. I hope it doesn't snow.

But that's besides the point! : )
Today is exactly one yea... and DANG! It was good.

Hello security check.

Anyang (hey!) Korea!

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