Sunday, January 16, 2011

The End.

My journey to Korea and the beginnings of this blog started in September 2009. I sit here, over a year later, in a packed apartment, hours away from my next adventure. I only look back fondly!!

It has been an awesome year! An awesome, AWESOME year!

My adventure to Korea started as an outlet of exportation-- for a few reasons. I wanted to live abroad for a while to experience life outside of America. I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. I wanted to explore a future or potential in travel journalism. I wanted to see Jesus and his kingdom outside of what i was used to. Well friends, i did it! And God had SO much more planned for me.

A few things i learned/was reminded of this year:
- this world is HUGE and my place in this world is very small
- some things just don't make sense to me, and probably never will. i'm "ok" with that
- i value communication, more than ever before
- i don't want to be a travel journalist (but i still love to write)
- Skype should win an award
- the media is an interesting machine often mastering the art of hype
- kids are kids... things they say are even funnier in a foreign language
- Jesus and his beauty is always present-- however, so many people have yet to see it
- i have learned the value of being present... wherever i am, just being completely there
- there is something really rich about sitting on the floor sharing a meal with friends family style
- im an awful chopstick-er (even after a year.)
- non-verbal communication is an artform
- i love Korean food. Especially kimchi. And will probably always eat it.

I feel as if i am a different woman today than i was boarding the plane here. I have done some wicked awesome things. Seen some crazy things. And lived in a freakin' foreign country alone. I've met some awesome, awesome people-- friends! And been confronted with the realities that being American affords one in a foreign country and have been challenged to understand and assimilate into a culture that is completely unlike mine. At times, it has been frustrating, but it has been rich! I love Korea. And the general kindness and generosity i was shown by many Korean friends-- and strangers for that matter-- made my transition and daily life here unbelievably smooth.

I feel blessed for the opportunity to live and travel like i have for the last year. I am thankful that God, in his perfect timing and goodness, opened doors and showed me the bigger reasons for living in Korea. He really is control of life-- and despite my doubt, he has BIG things planned for those who love him and are called according to his purpose. I am thankful for my church and the community of people i met. I am thankful for the opportunity to travel to Nepal-- and for the opportunity to serve with MountainChild when i return to LA. Again, God is SO good to me! His timing and workings in my life are beautiful and SO good. His love for his children is so grand!

All that to say, this is the end. SoKo bound no more. SoKo has been had and it was good! On to the next chapter! Blog? Maybe. (actually probably- but not for a while.)

What is that you ask? Well, first, a sunny vacation in beautiful Thailand! After that, rest and reunion with my loved ones.

Thank you Jesus for life and for the promise of abundant life! You are good... and dang, my heart beats for you. Wherever-- whenever-- whatever... i'm in! All in.

Signing out...


how about a few pics of my last day, just to finish strong.

funny faces.

more funny faces.

My coworkers.


  1. Aww, Sarah!! Don't GO!!!! I will miss you so, so much my friend.

  2. I am so proud of what you have done friend, but more than anything, I love your heart in it all! Love, Suze

  3. So sad that this will be your last blog. Maybe for now. Hope to read more in the future. I appreciate your religious outlook in life. I seldom find Americans who are religious, no offense but that's what I see. Good luck to your plans ahead.

  4. Hi sister
    visiting from Turkey
    discovering Korean blogs & culture & falled here
    let you love

  5. Good day everybody... Good post...

  6. im looking for a good church in s. korea. can you help me out?

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  8. nice trip..i learn something when I read this post..thanks..