Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Walk in the Snow.

So, i finished my classes at 1:40 today. I don't finish my day until 6. After a massive dumping of snow, which had me tied to my desk, i decided to take a walk to run some errands. While it was bit chilly of a walk, it was beautiful! As i walked, i was overcome with thankfulness for this year and the time i've spent here! My time here is wrapping up quickly... maybe a little too quick! I'm going to miss it here so much! So, in light of that, here's my "i'm going to miss you Korea" list. And a list of things im looking forward to in California.

The Miss List
- having to walk everywhere and having everything within walking distance
- delicious Korean food literally on every corner
- my co-workers/friends (sad just thinking about it!)
- "free service" (that being the extra things you get at restaurants or when you buy cosmetics)
- tteok, jjimpang, kimchi, chamchi kimbap, sundubujjigae, hobak juk, makoli and pajjeon pat, and other Korean deliciousness
- the crazy things i see walking to and from work everyday (near car accidents, crazy delivery boys on pimped out crotch rockets, girls walking in 3 inch snow in 6 inch heels, cute little kids all bundled up, etc.)
- the awesome public transportation and crazy taxi rides
- watching people work out in public exercise equipement and some of the funny things i see them doing on the track (i will not, however, miss the ajjumas rockin' hot pink work out attire walking little dogs whose fur has been dyed a similarly awful color.)
- sharing a meal with friends, sitting on the floor, eating family style
- the little ESL glitches my students make and the awesome dictionary words they pull out (like cerebral hemorrhage = scrape on my head?)
- my tutor student JiEun
- the amusement my kids get when i can understand them or say something in Korean (or the laughter that erupts when i butcher some Korean word)
- my lovely Korean friends!!

Things im looking forward to
- WARMTH-- though be it be a relative term
- seeing my family
- weekend gatherings with my family
- coffee with my best friend
- being able to go shopping, or actually do just about anything without all eyes on me
- buying shoes
- reading the newspaper
- wandering around Target without getting bumped into or hassled to buy something with a loud speaker by a woman wearing a hanbok
- driving
- dyer dried jeans. and socks. and underwear. towels. heck... dry it all!
- whole wheat everything
- Mexican food
- driving and listening to the radio!

Well.. there you have it. Hate to get all sentimental... but it's all hitting me! Korea... you've been good to me! I'm going to miss you!
More to come soon!

(i successfully wasted an hour... time to go home!)

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