Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving: My Family!

I love Thanksgiving. It is by far my favorite holiday, and my yearly anticipation starts around September. The romantic in me loves this time of year for many reasons-- most of them, admittedly, a little idealistic. : ) The beautiful fall foliage, the scarf and boot appropriate crisp weather, and pocket full of excuses to bake with pumpkin, make warm apple butter, and sip a cup of spice. And well anything mustard yellow and burnt sienna colored makes me happy! I know, sounds like a cover of Martha Stewart, but i like it.

Thanksgiving however, is so much more than all of that. Obviously. How could i forget the pumpkin bars and green bean casserole?

Just kidding! I have SO much to be thankful for! First and foremost... my family! This year away has reminded me just how awesome they are! And how ridiculously thankful i am for them!

My family is special. In so many of ways! ;) But i am blessed to have a family that values each other the way mine does. I can confidently say that the holidays bring no family drama. Except the one year we decided Mexican food was good for Thanksgiving and Christmas. But that's an exception. Times with my family usually consists of a table or BBQ of pure awesomeness, a football game or two, and a whole lot of love! We've mastered the art of gathering together, sharing a meal, and celebrating all that the Lord has done-- because dang, we have so much to be thankful for! Before i paint a perfect picture of my family and our holiday seasons, let me share that we had our far share of rough ones throughout the years. They've not always been without hardship; we've spent many holidays in the hospital or without a member or two... but Thanksgiving is abundant and we remain solid. That's how my family rolls.

As i sit here in South Korea thinking about my family, anticipating seeing them (in 5 freakin days) i am reminded again just for blessed i am! Truly, Truly! You don't realize what you have until you don't have it anymore. A lesson never more true than now. The past 11 months i have been without my family. While Skype is good to work miracles and evoke stream of tears, it is hardly adequate. A birthday party and dinner though a computer screen is awesome... just not the same. Saturday afternoon when i hug my family, and my Nunkins learns that i have legs and don't live in the box at GiGi's house... i am going to be one happy HAPPY girl! And while im looking forward to some green bean casserole and stuffing, i'll have just what i need!

awww... : )

How i miss football game rivalry weekends with my guys! : )

It's pictures like this that ruffle my madre's feathers... and my bro and i just can't get enough!

My sister. Nunkins...enough said.

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