Sunday, November 14, 2010


Hello there from the other side of 10 months! It is November 15th. This time two months from now, if all goes as planned, i'll have finished my contract in Korea and will be packing for Thailand. (whoot!) Fear not friends, tis only for a short trip!

But awesome nonetheless!

But, right now I am sitting at my desk. It is Monday. And well, we'll just leave it at that. Monday are Mondays-- even when you work in Korea. Though sometimes Mondays seems far more taxing here than ever before.
Two things i have confirmed about myself at work today:
1. I value effective communication. I'll even lower the bar to just "communication". I value communication. Any communication. Even sucky communication at this point.
2. Working in Korea has increased my job place marketability. (If i can work here, i am convinced i can work anywhere.)

And that was just in the first hour of work! I know. It's impressive. You should see me on a good day.

Well, this past month has been a full one! And a Fall one! It's been beautiful outside! The leaves have changed colors and fallen, and I do believe we're coming to the end of it. The trees are nearly naked and it's officially COLD. Like cold cold. It's 43 degrees today. Though far more convincingly cold in Celsius. 6 degrees folks. That's cold! And somehow i forgot my jacket yesterday when i went to church. Yea, it was cold.

A few highlights from my month:

Got together with my lovely Nepal team! It was fantastic! They are fantastic and well... so was Nepal even a few months later.

Spent a Saturday night with some sista at the Seoul Lantern Festival. It was beautiful, and a great nite out with some lovely ladies!

Look at all the people!

Beautiful, eh?

Obama graced Korea last week and my kids were pretty stoked about it. It's been a big year for Korea, and a pretty good one to have spent here. 2010 Olympic Champion Kim Yuna- whose hometown is my very own Gunpo. World Cup- in which they did awesome and put on a fan show like no other. Formula One Racing made it's way to Korea and flopped miserably. Lastly, the G20 Summit- the world's leading powers literally miles from one of the most hostile borders in the world. Good stuff right there, and kind of crazy to think about!

Well that was last month. How about this coming month?

Awesomeness. Pure awesomeness. This weekend is "Thanksgiving Feastivies" at my house. We are making and enjoying a feast like no other. I will be attempting my first convection oven roasted chicken. (Wish me luck.) Our feast will be nothing short of a legit American Thanksgiving, with a few additives- kimchijeon and rumor of sweet and sour chicken. The joys of having Chinese and Korean friends! : )

Shortly thereafter, i'm headed home to celebrate the marriage of a dear sista and to spend some time with my loved ones! I'll be rocking a legit Thanksgiving feast with my AWESOME and dearly missed family who postponed the festivities a few days for me to arrive!! I plan to eat. Stare at the ones i love. Hug and re-hug them all. Soak in the California heat. Hold my sweet Nunkin's hand. And well, finally meet and fall asleep with my Sweet Tae on my chest. It really is the small things that will make my heart happy! I'll then head down to spend some time with my dear sistas... ahh... and watch one of 'em walk down the aisle! :) Life is sweet and the people who fill mine are amazing. I am truly blessed... and SO thankful!

Christmas and New Years follow closely behind my arrival back in Korea and well... i love them both! So, there shall be much celebrating! We'll be welcoming a new teacher to take over my job, and then I'll be preparing to head home. It's rather amazing how this place feels so much like home. Some people here have become like family to me. My church. My friends. My kiddos. While i am definitely ready to be home, I am going to miss many things about my life in Korea. But, we'll save that list for a future Greeting.

There we have it! Month 10 was a good one! Month 11 is looking promising... and well Month 12 is party time!

How about a few pictures from this time last year? Ok.

This seems like SOO long ago!

This seems like a LONG LONG time ago!


  1. Beautiful lanterns! Do you have video of that? Man, have a rockin time in CA!!!

  2. O like your blog so much! It gives me more inspiration to write about life in Korea!
    Thank you:D