Monday, December 13, 2010


Well I've done it folks... i've crossed over into the final month of my time in Korea. And I just realized i've been mistaken on my time left. All weekend i've been telling folks that i have 6 weeks left- i don't! I ONLY HAVE 4 WEEKS!! That is crazy.

But before i go on ranting about my time left, let me recap this last month.

If you didn't know i got to travel home a few weeks ago to visit my family and friends, and most of my November was spent counting down the days! As much as i tried to stay present in Korea, the longing to be home and the closeness of that actually happening was a little much some days. You can ask my coworkers. I'm sure my ridiculous countdowns got a little tedious. Home came and went and it was delightful! I got to spend some time with my family, catch up with dear friends and celebrate the marriage of a dear sister. It was amazing. Just the reboot and refill i needed to return and finish strong.

I've actually been told that i look better now than i did before i left. (I must have really needed a vacation!)

Tensions have been pretty high in Korea the past few weeks. The associated press reports as if war is imminent, yet things on the Korean front are rather commonplace-- with the exception of a few people that is. A few Korean friends and coworkers talk more heatedly about the most recent attack, however no one really considers the idea of an all out war. Being home didn't help. I sat on a balancing act of media hype, social passivism and reality. Needlesstosay, I returned to Korea after my short vacation and well, as expected, life continues as normal here. Admittedly, I was checking CNN daily for almost two weeks straight, but deep down i didn't really expect anything to happen. I still don't.

For the first time ever, i worked on Thanksgiving! For the most part it felt like any other day. Which was a little sad- and something i hope not to repeat again. But we celebrated in full steam the weekend before and rocked a traditional Thanksgiving meal like only expats can do in Korea! No cranberry sauce, or turkey, but it was rounded out nicely with some stuffing, mashed potatoes/gravy, pumpkin pie, and some good wine! I also roasted my first chicken, and that was an adventure. I gutted, cleaned, rubbed down and roasted the little guy. Yes, i am a vegetarian. And yes, that is a neck bone. It was SICK. But i guess it came out pretty tasty.

The lovely clan in my little apartment.


I spent the last part of November in the states! And it was, again, amazing! Too much to detail right now. Awesome will have to suffice.

I left the California sun and arrived back in Korea to a week of snow! It dumped for two days last week... and stuck! I walked into one class one afternoon with all my little ones up on the window sill. I had to grab my phone to take a picture! I love this class!

Alice. Lisa. Suzie. Hannah. Jinny. Sam

Snow from my office window.

Now i find myself halfway through December with only 12 days till Christmas! Time is flying by! Christmas will be undeniably different, but i am excited to spend Christmas with my friends here! I am convinced that if my expectations are for something new- i will not be disappointed. I will most definitely be missing my family... but celebrating Jesus and his coming to be with us can happen in any and every corner of the world!

Even in my apartment! : )

So now i'm looking forward. Christmas Eve is next. I'll be "working". But, I plan to read the Christmas Story to my kids! Christmas day will be spent with friends! A new teacher shall be joining us the following week. And we plan to rock New Years Eve like only one can do in Seoul! As my dear friend D would say-- it's best! And then we'll break into 2011. Can you believe it? Me either.

There you have it friends! Month 11 was great and the next few weeks promise good things as well! I'll leave the "end times" for another post!

Korea you're awesome. We shall live it up this month!

More to come soon!


  1. Love your posts! Enjoy your "end times" (that really was clever capa) in Korea!

  2. i love you best friends! i cannot wait to be back in SD with you... geesh, i miss you!